Is collected rain water good for plants?

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In this short blog we are going to figure out if collected rainwater is good for your plant growth. Rainwater collection through the use of a water butt or rain barrel is a simple rainwater collection system and rainwater harvesting is recommended as most plants tend to prefer naturally soft rainwater from rainwater storage to the water from your water supply.

Does rain water have more nutrients for plants?

Stored rainwater contains more nutrients for plants than tap water and it’s 100% soft water. In the long run though if you can collect rainwater it will be very beneficial down the line and especially with warmer climates with less rain creeping upon us.

Rainwater has a lower PH level that is more suitable to outdoor plants or indoor plants and it can dislodge chemicals in the soil making it an ideal PH range. As well as the lower PH level rainwater has more nitrates and oxygen which keeps them healthy. Mains water can raise the PH level too from treatment chemicals which can be bad for your plants so if possible do try and store rainwater which has more nutrient availability from organic material.

Generally speaking rainwater is a more tepid temperature than tap water which your plants will prefer. Too cold and it can actually be a shock to your plants.

Do plants grow faster with rain water?

Plants definitely do grow faster when watered from the rain, it’s natures way. Rainwater is fantastic for plants that need plenty of water like veggies and fruits. The water is more pure hydration and contains more oxygen than tap water. Rainwater will free essential components within the soil for plants so when it does rain these get absorbed and then it is prime time for them to flourish. Plants will look a lot greener with lush foliage after a downpour that’s for sure!

What PH is rain water?

On average the PH is usually between 5.0-5.5 however the pH of rainwater is variable down to many common factors, some to include climate, location, time of year etc. Rainwater has typically more alkaline than tap water which is slightly acidic.

Do plants need to be fertilised with collected rain water?

Generally speaking you are less likely to need to fertilise your plants with collected rainwater. Rainwater is a natural fertiliser within itself with fewer chemicals and key macro nutrients. Different plants have different needs however, and the type of soil in your area will also affect how well your plants grow. Be sure to always double check if you are unsure though.

What are the benefits of using collected rain water?

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There are many benefits from harvesting rainwater. You can use it water your plants rather than tap water, which in turn helps the environment and it will ultimately save you money by conserving water. We have the perfect long lasting metal water butts for collecting rainwater in here at Arthur Jack so start collecting rainwater today!

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