How do you collect rain water from a greenhouse?

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Arthur Jack metal water butts in position to collect rain from a greenhouse roof

In this article we will discuss the methods you can use to create a rain water supply from your greenhouse roof for use in your garden. Whether you have a small or large greenhouse, these tips will help you save time and money while keeping your plants healthy and hydrated.

What are the benefits of collecting rainwater from a greenhouse?

There are many benefits of rainwater harvesting from a garden greenhouse, the two biggest factors are that it helps the environment as well as saving money. Alongside these two main contributing factors it helps water the garden plants, helps aid cooling of the greenhouse in the hot months, and helps to reduce the amount of water that needs to be bought. On top of that, rainwater collected from a greenhouse will massively help improve air quality and you can use rainwater harvesting to assist in watering your garden and lawn. In the drier months, rainwater stored in a water butt acts as an advantageous reservoir!

How do you collect rainwater from a greenhouse roof or guttering?

An Arthur Jack water butt positioned underneath a greenhouse downpipe to collect rain

You can harvest rainwater from the greenhouse roof or gutter and direct it into a water butt for storage using a gutter with a down pipe diverter to act as a rainwater collection system. It is a simple device that you fit to the down pipe and it will allow you to redirect the flow of rainwater into your water butt. Down pipe diverters are relatively inexpensive, and they are easy to install.

How to collect rainwater from a greenhouse into a water butt?

This is such a simple and affordable way to catch free rainwater! The water butt can be placed under a down pipe or connected through a downpipe diverter to catch the rainwater during rainfall. Here at Arthur Jack we have created a beautiful bespoke metal water butt in two different sizes that can contain from 180 litres to more than 300 litres of rainwater. We have even gone to the trouble of creating a hose-ready brushed chrome tap set at the ideal watering can height!

What tips are there for looking after your water butt?

Make sure your gutters are regularly cleaned out of any debris to prevent them from both depositing materials into the water butt and preventing overflow that wastes water.

We additionally supply a galvanised grill for the top of our water butts to protect against debris, leaves etc.

Our water butts are made from galvanised steel so they will last longer than their plastic barrel counterparts without becoming brittle or discoloured.

How do you install your water butt?

You can install your water butt to collect rain water from a greenhouse by following these simple steps.

Get digging! You must dig a hole that is slightly larger than the footprint of your chosen water butt and deep enough so that you can add your choice of base which can include sand and a slab or bricks or a weed suppressant material topped with gravel. We have a galvanised steel plinth for added protection of the base which is particularly useful.

Either place the water butt underneath the end of the guttering down pipe or connect the down pipe diverter to divert rainwater into the water butt.

Make sure the grill is positioned correctly on the water butt if you have one to stop leaves from falling into the water butt.

An Arthur Jack metal water butt in the garden

Would you like to know more about collecting rain water in a metal water butt from your greenhouse?

If you have any questions about metal water butts, or if you would like to learn more about the advantages of a metal water butt, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you further.

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