These are great additions to any garden and will provide a terrific backdrop to vigorous climbing plants and an eye-catching feature, particularly during autumn and winter.

Our obelisks feature steel lattice-work which enables the tendrils to grasp onto the structure and help avoid the need for tying in.

Product details

Made of thick galvanised steel and decorated with the Arthur Jack trademark coach bolts, and in the case of the large one Tudor roses, they are finished with a light acid to give them an aged patina.

Standing 1.4 metres above ground, the small one is designed as a stand-alone or will snugly fit into our large planter thereby giving additional height to grow clematis and sweet peas etc.

At over 2 metres high, the large obelisk makes a bold statement in it’s own right even during a Winter without climbing plants.

The smaller obelisk is fully assembled and boxed complete prior to dispatch.

The larger one requires a palletised delivery due to it’s height. It is fully assembled in 2 sections merely requiring the top to be slotted into the base and tightened up with cross head screwdriver.

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