Water Butts

Following the success of our planters, launched in Spring 2014, we are delighted to introduce our new water butts.

Hand-crafted with the same care as we have shown in our existing planter range, their design was influenced by the 18th century lead cisterns still to be found in the gardens of grand houses around the country.

At 90 cm high and 60 cm square they contain more than 300 litres of rainwater.   A hose-ready, brushed chrome tap is set at watering can height.

Extras available are a galvanised grill to protect against rodents, birds and leaves and a galvanised box-section plinth for added protection to the base, particularly useful when sited on open ground rather than a hard standing.

The positioning of the 2.5 cm hole for accessing water from rainwater harnessing systems can be placed in various locations according to personal requirements.

They are fabricated in 1.5 mm galvanised steel with no less than 90 coach bolts  used in the construction.   All joints are treated with a waterproof mastic prior to final assembly. Finally the butt is treated to give an aged patina, which will further develop over time.